Thursday, August 19, 2010

Favorite Things 6

(Disclaimer - none of these images are my own)

Lately I am really LOVING white headboards and white bedding....

GENIUS bookshelf!

How much would you love this closet...

.... this one too!

Cool pillowcases

So easy to make!

An ADORABLE lampshade

Pretty window treatments

Cool wallpaper from an old photo


Bright and cheery bathrooms

(minus Buddha chillin in the corner!)

... oh and check out Kate Hudson's amazing bathroom.. You could pretty have a dance party in there!!!

Turquoise couch


Modern Cuckoo clock


The lone-hanging-bulb... SO simple... SOOO amazing!

(For those of you who don't get this....The first letter of your last name is the colored letter)

I would love a inside/outside room one day!


Hopscotch rug!!!!!!

Cute idea.. Could be cuter ;)

A few Christmas images (from MONTHS ago mind you)

Darling ways to spice up a table...
Table A

Table B

Window boxes to die for

Festivity in Mom and Dad's room too!!!

Wreaths, wreaths, wreaths

Polka dot chair and striped autumn

Subway Art on a canvas for Valentines decor

Canvas + mini lights = BEAUTY!

Mini lights and paper doilies

Paper doilies and orange thumbtacks.. ART! Who would have thought?!!

How rad is this retro beach house!!!! PRETTY DANG :)

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