Thursday, August 19, 2010

Favorite Things 7

(Disclaimer - none of these images are my own)

All things Children!

How amazing is this crib! Love the clean simple lines

Totally love this one too

Fun idea for snacking

Little sushi's!!!

Funky bottle grippers

Plates that would make any meal a blast!

Super cute Valentine #1

Super Cute Valentine #2 (box of sweethearts wrapped up)

Vintage stroller.. LOVE

Matching gum boots! I just learned the other day that these are also called galoshes! LOL... In Canada we always knew them as Gum boots ;)

Love this little string of lights above a child's bed around Christmas time!

How magical is this room?!! Perfect for a sweet little girl I think.

Shabby chic bed

Lovely little girls room. I think the yellow stripped pillows are what caught my eye!

This photo makes me want two, fun, beautiful little girls.. like two weeks ago!

Build your own pillow HERE

What a fun idea!

When I saw this picture it instantly took me back to elementary school and made me smile!

Coolest high chair EVER award goes to this little boon!

Killer birthday party idea!

Dad's old t-shirt = daughters darling sundress

Too cute

Old band tee's to onesies - or whatever these are called!

I am in love with this little rockabilly outfit! (mini Johnny Knoxville!)

Crochet booties.. they remind me of boat shoes a little!

An aesthetically pleasing way to display your child's artwork!

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