Thursday, August 19, 2010

Favorite Things 5

(Disclaimer - none of these images are my own)


High Ceilings

High Ceilings


Sliding window... LOVE THIS IDEA!!!

Color Scheme

Color scheme


I am IN LOVE with this little bathroom

Onto kids stuff...

how cool is this drawing center..

Baby Toms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My future (cough... twin) girls room!!! ha

Her little outfit!

Baby Bloch's..


Polka dot wall!!

Blanket with ruffles... (How easy to make!)

All different letters spelling out a child's name

Cute clutch

Striped couches


Love how clean (and maybe a little sterile) looking this is!

... and this is what I would make in my kitchen! LOL
Don't they look divine!!

Farm sink

Coolest cake pan ever!!

Funky FRIDGE!!!!!!!!!!!

Neat art for a kitchen

Never thought to put a fireplace in a kitchen.. I kind of dig it!!

Love these big canisters.. Anyone know where I can get these babies?!!

I am obsessed with these knives... This is a DIY fabric covered magnetic strip.. LOVE IT!!

Vintage mirrors going up the stairs.

"Luggage" table

Antique cans as vases


I concur....


Also true!!

Ha ha.. I laughed for an hour!!

I think this little sail boat is quite lovely!! (NO MOM - I'm not getting a tattoo!!!!!)

This typewriter

These ADS

Jimmy Choo

Giuseppe Zanotti

I want to be here.. Ralph Laurens vacation home in Jamaica

Remember this house from Ferris Bueller???? I think it is nice :)

Wouldn't mind having one of these.... On a beach somewhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Loving this white blazer

Her turquoise suit

This simple, simple wedding dress

I want to make a pair of these for house slippers.. LOVE THEM!

Big flowers to spice up any outfit!

Darling maternity shirt

Her... and her style!


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