Thursday, August 19, 2010

Favorite Things 11

Favorite things

(DISCLAIMER: None of these images are my own)


:) :) :) :) :)

LOVE that!!!

Wouldn't that be nice?!!

I need this print :)

WHITE! Me loving white?!!!!

sink x2!! Best idea for a kiddie bathroom :)

indoor/outdoor rooms - yes please!

big porches!!

dreamy Closets

LOVING this bunk bed/bedding/funky outfits!!

amazing nursery

windows, table, white-ness..
P.S. I hope I have a family big enough to fill all these seats one day :)

AHHHH.. Amazing deck/fireplace (plus it reminds me of Southern France!)

secret rooms.. Oh how I would love a secret room (or two) in my home one day!

painted wood floors - not to mention this color

white kitchen.. surprise surprise (I think I would take out the blue and do white)



... all sorts of stripes!

white bedding

how amazing would this be for a theater room! Black painted brick and that couch... OH THAT COUCH!!

these crown moldings

this picture just makes me happy.

ha ha.. help a girl out!

adorable lamp


coveting this chandelier

this is a beaut as well

fun pillows (pottery barn)

polka dot wall paper. Black and white polka dot wall paper at that!

cutest little pancake stacks I ever did see!

this mirror

HA HA HA.. Ice Cube!!!

gold dresser..(Nothing a little spray paint and cute nobs can't accomplish)

how lovely are these little teacup vases?! What a neat idea.

little glass jars all lined in a row.. ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE

Beautiful Beautiful flower garden

tulips. My fave!

This photo is absolutely breathtaking to me. Reminds me of a place in Montana my grandpa use to take me fishing! In fact, maybe it is :) GREAT MEMORIES

I am afraid if I had a dog she may look like this on a daily basis!

pretty hair

...more pretty hair.. K, maybe I am obsessed... I may do this next!


heart shaped back.. So feminine and cute.. If you can wear this, you should :)

really digging high waisted bottoms this year

"All black everything"

her effortless (but really probably very thought out) style!

can big girls wear ruffly socks?! I think I shall :)

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