Friday, August 20, 2010

Favorite Things 12

WELCOME to my new little blog! Most of you know I love to do "Favorite Things" posts often. These are pretty things I come across that catch my eye (I have also transferred my previous "favorite things" from the old blog -you're welcome!) You will soon come to know my obsession for everything white, stripes, polka dots, and ruffles.. Consider yourself warned!

This blog will be all things Amy - family, food, faith, fashion, fun, and
FABULOUS-NESS! (how cheesy was that!!!) Here's to new beginnings - CHEERS!

(Disclaimer - none of these images are my own)


Especially love the green cabinets too

New toms

Pillows, lighting (over the dining room table- not the fan!), & photos

KILLER bathing suit

Entry wall (don't love the zebra carpet - I am more of a leopard gal myself...I WILL have leopard carpeted stairs in my home one day!)

Salad Spoons


DIY skirt - I think I will DIM-yself!

Bed skirt

Check out the AMAZING color schemes in these bathrooms

Pretty Kitchens

Mismatched table and chairs

Mismatched chairs

Lighting (really that's the only thing I like in this photo)

DIY kitchen art




Quote on entire wall


Wanting some two tone lenses - anyone know where I can get a knock off pair of these Chanel babies??

Short wedding dresses

SOOOO in love!

The bow makes it

How darling are these little ladies!

Loving the "once upon a time" dress

6 or 25?!!

Out of control adorable she is!

Rain boot love

Phat hair and accessories!

These needed to be around my neck like yesterday - can you picture them with a white v-neck, blazer, boyfriend jeans, and heels?!! I CAN.

closet love


SO tempted to chop it all off!

Sometime I miss my red hair (then I think about my red stained pillow cases, towels, p.j.'s, and tub..then I don't miss it so much anymore)

FAB melting job

LOVE LOVE her color - seriously considering this chocolatey delight for fall :)



Liking big mirrors sitting on the floor

Multi-colored banister

Wire baskets in a mud room or garage.. .GENIUS!

Cheery den/craft room

DIY Spoon mirror

Clothes pin mirror too

Polka-dot wall paper (also some grey&yellow love going on)

Vinyl headboard

Teacups in window


White + Yellow = HAPPY.CLEAN.LOVE

Cool wall

Books assorted by color

Eclectic frame art piece

Storage nook under the stairs

Tutu desk :)

Wooden Flag

curtain love


Beautiful colors of citrus

functional party banner

cutest trash bags ever - I think I would be sad to use them


I thought I was the only one who did this?! (toast with peanut butter and fresh cut strawberries.YUM)

clever dishes

This is screaming my name!!!!!!!!

This would be the founder of Jimmy Choo - I think the only reason I love this picture is because she is eating McDonalds - A woman after my own heart.. I ♥ McDonalds!!

Laptop cover...

... or book?! SNEAKY

This could possibly prevent cake from getting smashed all over your face?!

Mustache crayons

ha.. LOVE IT

Chalkboard paint on vases

Someone please take me here!!!!!

I might need a Vespa to go with it?

LOVE the styling and colors in this photo.. Check out Amanda Pratt's photography and many other AMAZING photogs HERE!


Jason, Casey and Zuri Coutts said...

Amy...LOVE your new blog. You amaze me with your strength. What an awesome quality;) glad to see another favorites update...i just love looking atthem.

Mark and Hilary said...

I'm sure it doesn't mean much coming from me, but I love you! I bawled reading your email, but really admire your outlook & anchoring yourself to the Savior. I really wish you the best & know that you'll make happiness in all that you do!!

PS -LOVE my favorite things updates!!!!

Laci said...

Yahoooo!!! I am sooo excited for this blog :) I spent houre last night staring and trying to re design my home. can't between black and white or gray and white stripes or a yellow wall. . . . Thanks for the amazing visuals! Now come over and help me decide!
Thanks for being such a amazing inspiration! Love you big! xox

christy said...

i love the banister, the books, and sienna millers bangin' hair. seriously confirm this with eli, but i have been using that EXACT photo of her for hair inspiration, but haven't dared... i may, i might try that style next spring. you can live through me if you don't end up doing it - if you do it, i'll live through you! i'm ready for a new fall doo tho, i'm thinking blonde and chunky bangs? i'll text you.
and lastly, i'm so sad, but very happy for you to be moving on to better things in life :) the better things are definitely out there for you!!

Aimee Fuller said...

I love the favorite things posts. I can only imagine how amazing your home is with such an amazing sense of style. I read these posts and tell myself I need to be more creative and try these things out because I love them! I'm so sorry to hear about the current situation, for lack of a better word, but so happy for your positive outlook and your immense amount of strength and faith. As I read your post on your other blog I couldn't help but think about a friend of mine in St. George who is currently going through the same situation. Her last post was really uplifting and you may find it interesting and uplifting as well. Here's the link if you decide to take a look:

Jo said...

Amy: You are proof that the cream definitely rises to the top. You are an amazing woman!
Jolynne D.

Candice said...

Love the new blog, keep the favs coming....I always love checkin' in on your little world! Love to you and all your family...I will always think of you all as MY family! Stay strong, you are headed in the right direction. Love you to Amy!

whimsy said...

yay for your new blog ams! i love it. and i love these pics! you are beautiful! i am so happy for you and happy for the amazingly positive attitude you have about everything.
love you!

Lindsay Heitz said...

Cute blog. Always love these ones. You have such great style. I hope you have all those quotes plastered on the walls of your room cause they are all great!!

Stephanie Rudd said...

Love it!

Shelly said... day when I have the ability to build and design my dream home I'm hiring you!! Either that or I'm copying the pictures off your blog!! LOVE IT ALL!! Hey Breann's in Ogden now so when I go visit her we should get together!!

T said...

When I need to decorate my house I am totally hiring you! I love this post. You are such an inspiration! Love it! And I really love all of the posts that have stripes in them. :)

Tara and Andrew said...

Miss Amy, I love you. I love your passion for life and for...everything. Yes, I want to be your friend:)

marisajbaines said...

i love your new really does complete better be updating reg!

lavitadajessica said...

Amy you are absolutely one of the most adorable strong women I know. I love the new blog. New starts rule!

ash+kris said...

UMMMM... I LOVE YOU! Can you tell me where I can find the DIY website or blog for that CUTE stripped skirt. THX! :)