Thursday, August 19, 2010

Favorite Things 10

(DISCLAIMER: None of these images are my own)

Let me just start by saying I think I am OBSESSED with white?!.. I am convinced that every room in my house could be white and I would be perfectly fine with it.. I am finding that white is a common theme in connection with most of favorite things!

"Be my guest" GENIUS!!
SOOO doing this one day in a guest room

LOVE these framed prints of these darling babies.. and styling of the photos themselves

STRIPES.. I have a love affair with stripes.. How funny is that saying?!

Chevron stripes and animal head

Kitchen Love!

White + stainless steel = AMAZING

This Island and lighting

Stainless steel, lighting, chalkboard diddy, and animal print bench


I want to start collecting pretty cake stands and would love a little shelf like this one day to display them!

Window Seats

Pink and Grey! SO GIRLY and Feminine

That grey wall I keep loving!!

White bedding.. AGAIN!

Polka Dots and Stripes together.. PERFECTION

High and angled ceilings

WHITE.. Yet again! How absolutely FABULOUS is this bathroom?!!

Ok, I think this is my FAVORITE nursery I have found.. WHITE.. Imagine that?!!
I WILL make these darling pom pom curtains for a nursery one day.. LOVE the white crib with green and yellow accents.

Funky fireplace

Tablecloth TO DIE FOR... Hmmmmm... White much????

Mismatched prints

Simple striped curtain



I agree!

Sorry for the cheese!!


Oh how true is this.. I think we all know a few of these ;)

I know most of you probably already think I am nuts and have out of control style.. This will put the icing on the cake for you......................

Shaved Heads...

I think it is absolutely beautiful (Amber Rose- Kanye's Lady!)

The turquoise is crazy fun.. TOTALLY unrealistic, but she can pull it off!

LOVING her distressed boyfriend jeans (and style.... and shaved head!!)
I have been on the hunt for a great pair.. Where else should I look ladies??

How great is this Portrayal of the World!
-Would love this print in a playroom

LOVE LOVE.. Purchase it HERE

Cutest pancake I ever did see!
I may need 20 to fill me up though.

Dreamy right!

...equally as me!

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