Thursday, August 19, 2010

Favorite Things 9

(Disclaimer - none of these images are my own)

Sometimes I wish my hair were this blonde...

Or this short

Or this short

Or this short

Then I see pics like this and want LONG flowing locks

So I can braid them like this!

How does Giselle look just as good prego?!!

This pic makes me want SUMMER SUMMER SUMMER

LOVING shorts and tights..

I want to be that mom :)

I love birthdays and I love doughnuts... so... I love this photo!

Pretty cupcake wrappers!

This was going to be friends/neighbors Christmas gift.. Never got around to it.. OOPS! Maybe next year??

Cracks me up every time! GO SNOOP :)

Adorable shoes

What is so appealing to me about the "waif" look?!

Cool laptop cover

Knee length wedding dress

I WISH all red lights were shaped like hearts! I should write a letter :)

Darling ice cream dishes

Fun necklace.. I want to make it!

How fun would it be to attend to a picnic like this?!!

And drink lemonade like this... (SUCH a genius idea to add lots of fruit and serve in a mason jar)

A pow wow party would be fun too!

Absolutely LOVE this suit!

Shoes, tights, and dresses!

I bet they are having this!!!

NEED this stamp!

Cute outfit.. She is like 50.. Can I please look like this now?!!


Wedding Thank yous.. Homemade jam! LOVE

Nicole.. Fashion-wise... Does NO wrong in my eyes!!

HUGE BOW! Love it

Cute jacket and pants

LEOPARD! (You can never have too much)

AHHH.. These shoes are the TOPS!

Lovin this fur

Holiday stencils to spice up treat tins


What a funny little tattoo

It's probably a blessing they don't sell these in the states


Ruffle pillow tutorial (click to enlarge)


This picture made me cry a little.. Sweet sweet photo

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