Monday, March 14, 2011

HELLOOOOOOO WORLD!!! Connected to the World Wide Web once again- The Comcast guy was very nice this morning - I even gave him an Easter treat :)

-Did I mention I am LOOOOOOVING SLC, and my little downtown one bedroom apartment ?!
WELL, I AM!!!!! Feeling very independent these days :)

The "favorite things" folder is totes bursting at the seams - lets start with "sayings" shall we?!



Miss K said...

great quotes! congrats on your new place!

ash+kris said...

I'm SO glad your loving it in the Ave's. I'm a little jealous too b/c living in SLC was one of the best times of my life! AND I just realized the other day that your probably in my old ward! Which so is Sarah and Sena.. So you should look for them at church! LOVE and miss ya girlie!

Jill said...

Is there a way I can reach you to ask if you can do a hair and makeup session for me?