Thursday, November 11, 2010

It's all about the bun!

Loving "THE BUN!" (have been for the past year)
Not sure it can get much easier than this folks.

Step 1: Do makeup, Step 2: slick yo hair back (like back in your ballerina days!!)

Step 1: roll out of bed, Step 2: Do NOT do your makeup, Step 3: pull hair to tippy top of head and fasten with a pony -
showering is optional! LOL

Whitney is a fan

So is Kort!

Not sure about ya'll but I think Kort's style is SOOO on point lately.

I mean look at those boots.. (Scott - you are a tool)

want NEED them!
- and sorry Kim but don't love your cargos and ug (as in UGLY) boots - take fashion notes from big sis next time kapish?!

P.S. I was the "Morton Salt Girl" for Halloween - you guys were WAAAAAAAAY off! ha ha
-Halloween Post to come!


Laci said...

Love that top photo of you! And next time could you please add a clip of me with a bun ;)
You are darling, darling! And what is up with kim? She wears some crazy crazy stuff! P.S She dates Michael copon on her new show! LOL

Kristin Bishop said...

You make me want long hair. I can fit like 3 hair into a pony:) Loved your cosume. darling.

Amy Lou said...

Crazy - and crazy that he is your friend and he probably told you all this..

P.S. Lace is "bun-in" - check her out!

kendra said...

my sister told me i out-wore the bun years ago. i dont have a sexy bun like you though. i almost did a whole post on kortney. i love her stripes and style. funny eh? cant wait to dance the night away tomorrow with you amy lou. love ya!!

elisabeth. said...

i LOVE the bun too!!
it reminds me of ballet...
and i miss ballet.