Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloweenie!!!!!! Oh how I love thee :) Really, any excuse to dress up and I AM ON IT!!! For those who know me - know this! Got my wig in the mail yesterday - any guesses as to what I am going to be?! (if you know don't spoil the fun!!!)

-don't mind the poor quality cell phone photo!

What is everyone going to be?

Also how fancy are these pumpkins

Louis Louis!

Glitterfied pumpkin candle holder thingy

And now for your daily eye candy:

You're welcome!!! Isn't he beyond dreamy! MMMMMMMMM

Happy Tuesday friends :) Let the festivities begin!!!!


Straight Fancy said...

Love the wig...and the eye candy. Thanks. I'm guess you'll be Nicole Richie for halloween.

Todd Family said...

i'm guessing marilyn monroe?

Ginger said...

My guess is Paris Hilton:)

ash+kris said...

My guess.. Julia Roberts in pretty woman???? YES???

Tay and Teigan said...

Hi Amy! My sister Tia sent me a link to your blog and I just have to tell you that you are seriously adorable! And so talented! Anyway, Tia mentioned that you do hair and told me to check out your profile. Love it! I live out of town but will be coming to Utah in December. What is the best way to make an appointment for a cut and color? I am in serious need of both :).

Blasé said...

ok...so the only way I may guess is if I get it wrong???