Thursday, August 19, 2010

Favorite Things 2

This fridge.. I'll take a light turquoise one with chrome please!!!!

I have always loved this idea.. SOMEDAY!!

Where can I get some of these?!!

His and Hers

This lovely turquoise couch

How COOL to have vines INSIDE!!!!!!!!!

Ottoman doubling as a coffee table

Groovy wall paper


Beautiful book set

Navy blue polka dot bench

Chalkboard door...

... or wall!

This bedding

Mustard chaise

This phrase on the bottom of a wall!

NEAT (non-functioning) shovels!!

This door

This yellow number

Cool crocheted rug

This RED TUB!!!!!

These headbands.. Maybe I shall make some?!!


This saying

Simple and cheery nursery

LOCKERS (in a teenagers room!)

Her hair!!

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