Monday, February 14, 2011

"San Valentino!"

• Many believe the 'X' symbol became synonymous with the kiss in medieval times. People who couldn't write their names signed in front of a witness with an 'X.' The 'X' was then kissed to show their sincerity.

• Girls of medieval times ate bizarre foods on St. Valentine's Day to make them dream of their future spouse.

• In the Middle Ages, young men and women drew names from a bowl to see who would be their Valentine. They would wear this name pinned onto their sleeves for one week for everyone to see. This was the origin of the expression "to wear your heart on your sleeve."

• In 1537, England's King Henry VII officially declared February 14th the holiday of St. Valentine's Day.

• Casanova, well known as "The World's Greatest Lover," ate chocolate to make him virile.

• Physicians of the 1800's commonly advised their patients to eat chocolate to calm their pining for lost love.

• Richard Cadbury produced the first box of chocolates for Valentine's Day in the late 1800's.

• More than 35 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate will be sold for Valentine's Day.

• Over $1 billion worth of chocolate is purchased for Valentine's Day in the U.S.

• 73% of people who buy flowers for Valentine's Day are men, while only 27 percent are women.

• 15% of U.S. women send themselves flowers on Valentine's Day.
189 million stems of roses are sold in the U.S. on Valentine's Day.

• California produces 60 percent of American roses, but the greater number sold on Valentine's Day in the United States are imported, mostly from South America.

• Approximately 110 million roses, mostly red, will be sold and delivered within the three-day Valentine's Day time period.
Approximately one billion Valentines are sent out worldwide each year according to estimates by the U.S. Greeting Card Association. That's second only to Christmas.

• Women purchase approximately 85 percent of all Valentines.

• Teachers will receive the most Valentine's Day cards, followed by children, mothers, wives, sweethearts and pets.


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Love you, Amy Lou!!! Your blog is wonderful. I feel full of sunshine when I am there. Happy Valentine's to you!!! Hugs<3