Monday, November 29, 2010

My grown up Christmas List!

(last post was Halloween, now X-mas? I should probably update more?!)

Had a WONDERFUL slash YUMMY Thanksgiving with my whole family in St. George last week. I hope you all have mothers who can cook as good as mine - just sayin ;)

I have so very many things to be Thankful for in my life right now:

1: My Family - each and every one of them

2: My faith (and the amazing peace and comfort it brings me)
3: Great health
4: A job I adore
5: A nice warm place to rest my head each night


I have been feeling a little bah-humbugish about the holidays this year - The other day I decided to snap out of it and start enjoying all the simple, magical things this time of year brings. Excited for some fun Christmas parties, lights @ temple square, hot coco @ Hatchs, Elf & Grinch over and over, Mom's candy, outdoor ice skating, Christmas Music, cozy P.J.'s, fires, snowboarding (anyone want to go like SOON?!), shopping for the perfect gifts, hats and mittens, ect.. oh I could go on!

Now for my "SUPER REALISTIC" Christmas List:

#1 Camera

#2 Desktop

#3 Boots

#4 ski rack

#5 Marmot coat

#6 Marc Jacobs or Birkin bag

#7 Coolest alarm clock ever

when it goes off it rolls off your night stand and you have to chase it around your room to wake up! AWESOME - I am a snooze button gal so this would be GREAT for me ;)

#8 Porsche Cayenne (with tinted windows and a ski rack of course)

#9 Darling customizable pillows

#10 Scents I am crushing on

#11 Book

#12 Shower Curtain

#13 Classic Rayban Aviators

#13 White Ceramic Watch

#14 Ikea bed

...and last but definitely NOT least - #15:

a fine brotha ;) ha ha ha

Thanks Santa - love ya!!!


Lauren & Brandon said...

I have Nina Ricci and LOVE IT!!! I'll keep my eye out for a fine brotha!! ;)

Andrea said...

we really do have SO much to be thankful for:)

loving your Christmas list-a few of my wish list items are on there-namely Hunter boots & the ray-ban's.....oh & that alarm clock is something I NEED!!!

Love you-when are we hanging out?

Andrea said...

PS- just bought my season pass to Park City today, LET'S GO!!!

Jaci said...

You are adorable. I love reading blog posts from you! Thank for sharing the link on FB!
And thank your for introducing me to Nick and Nora! Got a dang cute nigh gown to sport for the DEC 1st tradition! :)

steph said...

when you find someone who buys you that porsche cayenne.. send them my way. ;)
darling darling list, dear!

ms. elisabeth said...

i LOVE/WANT that alarm clock!
it's to great!

Kristin Bishop said...

I want it all! Your list is perfect. I begged and begged for a camera and just got the Nikon should get it for sure. Oh will love it! You deserve it!

Also-the hunter boots. I WANT. They have them in like 10 colors at Christensen's in B.C. and every time I go there I put them on hold. Jarom HATES them...but I want the yellow ones with red inserts soooooo bad:)

You also deserve a wonderful good looking man:) Loved your list! Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

bgibb said...

I love that shower curtain! Where is it from? I tried to make one like it, but it doesn't look as cute as this one.

Lindsay Heitz said...

Amy, you are adorable!! I hope Santa makes that last item on your list happen this year. You deserve it. I'm sure it's easy to fall into the bah-humbug mood with everything you've been going through. I'm glad you were able to think of some of the happy things and traditions that Christmas brings--that's the best way to snap out of a bad mood. I hope you have the greatest Christmas season and create lots of great memories!! When I think of you I think of all the sweet comments you've left on my blog--here we don't even know each other personally--and you've been such a sweetie! You are so good at spreading cheer. I love reading your blog cause you are so positive and full of love for life. You are going to make some fine fella a REALLY happy guy someday!! Keep smiling :)

P.S. When am I going to meet up with you for a makeover???