Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Pretty sure I had the BEST weekend ever!

These two do my heart good. My darling cousin Audrey (on left) and I are SO alike it's scary!!
So fun spend the whole weekend having sleepovers, coloring each others hair (until four in the morning - twice!), eating treats (until we were sick), riding rides (until we were sick), dancing (until we were sick), and LAUGHING (until we were sick.) I sooooo badly wish she didn't live in another country. Sister (middle) lives five hours away.. This is not good :(

Jax and his ladies!

This night was WAAAY too fun and random :)

Mom's annual fresh peach cheesecake tarts... A little (or HUGE) piece of heaven!

... another fun and RANDOM night in Tycee's apartment @ WSU (I promise I don't have a pot belly in real life! LOL)

Testing walls for family pics.. (we found a good one!!) Pics to come - SO FUN :)

Total carnies... BEST fried oreos with my Becky!

Mommin' it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until next years Peach Days - I LOVE YOU!


ash+kris said...

AH! YOU and AJ are seriously SO CUTE! Make her move to the states and be your roomie! haha :)
PS. My cousin Amy and I are the same way and it is such a special relationship.. I'm glad you have that in your life too!

Arrington's said...

I love Canadian visitors! Nothing absolutely NOTHING beats the perfect cousin and the perfect sister you're making me miss my family :)

Jason, Casey and Zuri Coutts said...

Amy, you look so beautiful, as always. Ps. I want some Peach dessert;) it looks divine!

.caroline armelle. said...

we went to the peach days parade and had a blast!

and, seriously do you think you can post the recipe for those peach tarts? i'm dying they look amazing!

Chelsea Oldroyd said...

I love your green shoes!!! Where did you get them?!!